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Version 1 - Front wheel drive (2005-2007) | Version 2 - Back wheel drive (2007-2009) | Version 3 - (2009-2010)



Version 2 - Back wheel drive (2007-2009)

Volvo B234 -90
Orginal compression  10.0:1
Caterpillarturbo, 055T
Self made exhaust manifold
Wasegate from kl-racing
Self made blowoff ventil from two Stromberg carburettor
Throttle Body from B234 -89, 3"
3" airfilter
Throttle position sensor from Volvo 850
Air temp sensor from 740 Turbo
Fuel injectors from S60 T5, 391cc
Ignition coils from BMW 525 (E34)
Orginal watercooler from Volvo 480
Self made intercooler
Self made air intake
3,5" downpipe
Two cooling fans from Volvo 480
3" exhaust
Own fuel tank with built-in catch tank, fuel pump armature from Volvo 480
Two fuel pumps from Volvo 740
Pressure plate, Sachs 618, modified flywheel (different bolt circle) and a bit lighter)

Getrag 260 from BMW 325 (E30)

Rear end:
Rear end from från BMW 325 (E30)
Cardan from från BMW 325 (E30)
Drive shafts from BMW 318is (E30)
Shock absorbers from Volvo 240
Feathers from Mercedes
Feathered bowls from Volvo Amazon
Lamellar differential from BMW 525 (E34)

Front end:
Modified Volvo 480 front axle
Shorter Volvo 480 shock absorbers
Lowering Springs
Power steering from BMW 325 (E36)
Changed places on the spindles so the steering arms pointing forward, some steering angles are not good. Will be rebuilt

Front brakes from Volvo 480
Rear brakes from BMW 325 (E30)

Removed slats on the sides
Removed rear lights
Lexan plastis on the rear window, rear side windows and front dorr window

Own paint job

Sparco chairs
Roll cage
Original dashboard with gauges
Shift light built by an old patient signal light
"Gossip Bottle"

Motor Control:
Megasquirt 2
Built to control 2 spark channels

1100 kg

Never measured, guessing at around 270-300hp

402m in 13.65 seconds and 163.45 kilometers per hour