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The car was purchased in spring 2005 for 1500 crowns. The guy who owned it wanted to get rid of the car, then it just stood in the way for him. Condition was pretty bad. Voted screen edges, rusty floor in the luggage, faulty gearbox etc.. First plan was to repair the rust and paint the car. Then, I was keen to build a roll cage and make the car go faster. The reason that it was a Volvo 480 is the model that I think is funny. I have previously owned a Volvo 480ES which I drove 10 000 mil before I sold it. Another reason why I chose this particular model, is that there are not many people that build on these cars. And there are so many different views on this model, positive or negative! Most negative ....... so maybe it annoy someone ; )

The beginning of dismantling. I wanted to get a cleaner look.


Light behind! Date: 0506XX


Rust gone! Date 0604XX

Roll cage! Datum: 0607XX

Fit everything before paint!

Built me a provisional paint box! Nice to finally get paint on the car after all abrasive. The paint was fairly. Rinn and a bit orange-like surface is there. But it was cheap ;)

Fitting all together! Date: 0705XX

The last pictures of the car when it was still front-wheel drive. Drove the car in the garage shortly after and started rebuilding.
Datum: 071020


Did hardly anything about the engine first version! Modified data box, which ruled the boost pressure and built a 2.5-inch exhaust system. The car weighed 950 kg. Ran 402m in 15:54 seconds and 148 kph. Drove all summer with the car. Funny car with pretty good acceleration!

The original plan was that I would modify the original engine. then I realized that there are hardly any aftermarketparts to this engine. That it would probably be quite expensive if i find parts. Then there would be trouble getting the gearbox to not break. The gearbox that I run with during the summer was already giving up. Should I bring order to the gearbox it would be difficult to bring the power to the ground.

The idea was there all the time to build a rear-wheel drive Volvo 480 but I felt that I did not have enough experience and knowledge to make the big operation. Before I start with this building, I had almost never weld before. After a little persuasion of buddies I get started anyway :)

A engine from a Volvo 740 GLT 16V purchased (B234). Rear of a BMW 325 (E30) would probably be nice, so this also was bought. Then it was just to start!

To late!!! Date: 071117

Mounted up the rear. Date: 0802XX

Cut out a bit more into the body! Wanted to get back to the engine weight distribution became more even. Date: 0802XX

Patchwork! Built the tunnel in 2mm , in case something would break.

Never open the engine. Hoped that it was fine anyway : ) Date: 0811XX

Self built intercooler. Cell package from a truck.


Self built air intake!

Self made blowoff ventil from two Stromberg carburettor

Got to build me a fuel tank. I build the catch tank into the fuel tank. Original fuel pump pumps over fuel and kepp the catch tank full at all times while driving.

Car almost "done"! Date: 0904XX

Ran 402m in Automobile Sports Action Meat at Mantorp the 29 / 8 -09 and got a time of 13.65 seconds and 163.45 kilometers per hour in the final speed.

Right now the plan is to learn to map, build a more powerful engine, build stronger parts at rear end, mount ZF gearbox and make the car legal for the road! May see the pace and order to do this ;)

More pictures in the Picture Gallery!!!

If you want to look at what's happening right now in construction, you can visit my thread on zatzy and click through to the last page of this thread!